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Welcome to my Final Major Project

What you are about to see is an exploration of historical Hair and Makeup through the recreation of residents that lived at Hawkesyard Estate showcasing skills tailored towards the theatre industry. 

Makeup was created to resonate clearly on camera, whilst wigs of 40 denier lace for theatre and stage were used.

Follow the journey of styles from 1760's to 1860's, presenting the fashions from the Georgian, Regency, Bierdiemier and Mid-Victorian eras.

Behind the Scenes


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Credits/ Meet the team

Final Major Project

Hair and Makeup by Juliet Johnson 

Photographer by Sarah Lancs

Location - Hawkesyard Estate 

Models in order of appearance:

Michael Greene 

Kimberley Bradshaw

Bobbi Blaza 

Emily Alderson

Fred Wardale

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